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Tomorrow's DOOL

Play by play of tomorrow's DOOL

- Back at the pub, Caroline, Roman, and Carrie are present. Caroline encourages John to give them hell in court. Marlena pulls John aside and gives him a pep talk. He remains unconvinced of his innocence, it seems. Will, Rafe, the kids and Sami arrive. John is elated to see the kids. They have a card they made for John, who soon has Ally and Johnny on his lap. He stands up, approaches Sami, and happily thanks her for coming. Sami gets choked up and they embrace. Marlena watches with tears in
her eyes. John teases the feisty kids remind him of Sami. Rafe picks up Sydney when she runs to the door. Carrie is glad Rafe is there, as he has lifted John's spirits. Rafe drawls it is all about family and takes the tyke
to see grandma in the kitchen. Marlena thanks Sami for coming. Sami smiles it is all about family. Marlena agrees and puts an arm around her. But the gunman still prepares.

- At the pub, the kids run around. Caroline is glad to see all is well. She just wanted the family to enjoy themselves. Roman praises Sami for coming and not letting her mom down. Will tells John about his busy biz and academics. Marlena now sits with Will and tells him she misses him. She will always make time for him. She wonders how his Gabi girl is.
Will diverts his gaze and explains she has a test today, though things are fine.
John is helping Johnny with his baseball swing, using a roll of paper towel in lieu of a bat. The tyke is pumped. The gunman stands across the street. The gang watch as Johnny invites John to his first t-ball game this year. John declares he would not miss it for the world. They practice yet another swing near the window. The gunman starts to take aim.

- At the pub, the gang all turn and stare at the shattered window. The gunman opens fire. Bullets are flying everywhere. Roman yells at everyone to get behind the tables and stay down. More shots are fired. Rafe has his gun drawn, and is protecting the kids. Johnny stares in horror.