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Tomorrow's DOOL

Play by play of tomorrow's DOOL

- Bo and Rafe are working the phones at the station. Rafe is helping in
the capacity that Sami is his wife. Hope assures Sami they will find Johnny. She does not want to leave until she can put the hat on her son's head. Bo and Hope assure her that all calls to her will be traced. Bo and Hope will accompany her home, yet maintain contact with the station at all times. Will arrives and Sami hugs him and cries like a baby.

- At the loft, Rafe is unable to make Sami feel better. Hope and Bo are checking the landlines. Hope knows Johnny will soon walk through that door. Sami sits beside Will and stops him from moving a picture. She wants to keep everything the way it was before. Rafe opens the door to Gabi, who exclaims she is sorry. Rafe whispers they think the lad was kidnapped. Gabi walks in and says she is sorry. She can make tea. Rafe wants Sami to eat something but she is not hungry. She wants him to go find her son and bring him home. That is all she wants! Hope later goes over what Sami wants her to remind Caroline about the kids. She urges her to let Rafe make her some food. Gabi sees on her computer that
there are hundreds of volunteers helping. Rafe offers Sami a sandwich. Will follows him to the kitchen. He is glad he is there for his mom. Rafe laments she is not happy with him but Will points out she is really upset about Johnny. Rafe prepares a sandwich and sighs he is not succeeding in learning about any leads, given that he has been reduced to a civilian. Will thinks Johnny is lucky that he gets to grow up with Rafe for his dad. He is the best father a kid could ask for. Rafe appreciates it. Will calls him Johnny's dad in every way that counts. Rafe gets choked up.

- Rafe hopes Sami will try her sandwich. Will accepts it but she is not interested. Her son suggests she sleep. She cannot. Rafe sits with Bo at the computer and quietly comments if the boy seen near the woods was Johnny, the dogs might not have picked up his scent if he had gone into that stream. Bo thanks him and will call search and rescue. Rafe laments to sister Gabi that he is not able to help enough as a civilian.

- John and Marlena make their grand entrance at the loft. Bo is glad to see them. Rafe discreetly leaves the room, as does Gabi. Marlena and John sit on either side of Sami on the sofa as Bo and Hope watch. Bo now realizes Rafe has taken off. Sami wonders why they are there.
John explains they wanted to see her. Marlena tells how they were able
to get out to come. Sami starts to shout about the gunfire and tells John her son cannot put on his cap now because of him! Will attempts to intervene but Sami rages on and blames him. She gets madder when Marlena tries to defend him. John exclaims he is sorry and he knows he has brought chaos to their lives, which is why he has decided to plead guilty. Sami gets upset he is only making this gesture after her son has gone missing. She screams it is too late. Marlena realizes she is hurting but that is enough! Attacking them will not bring Johnny back. Sami accuses her of only caring about John and tells her she needs counseling. Does she even care Johnny is missing?! Will states of course they care. Marlena wants to let Sami have her say. She assures her she loves all the family. Sami calls it an act. Her grandson is missing and she cares more about John's gesture. Marlena patiently repeats that she loves her and Johnny. Sami snaps then where was she when everyone else was busy looking. Marlena replies this is not helping Johnny. Sami cries she has
not been there for her. Marlena promises she is here and loves her. John seconds the motion. Sami suddenly screams that if her little boy does
not return to her, she will make them both wish she had never been

- Roman, Rafe, and EJ enter the loft as the gang discuss Johnny. Roman solemnly hands Sami a small bag containing part of a child's shirt and
asks her to ID it. Will stares. Sami cries it is not Johnny's and starts to wail. EJ's eyes are filled with tears. Hope cries on Bo's shoulder. Rafe holds Sami, whose loud sobs echo throughout the loft ...