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Tomorrow's DOOL

Play by play of tomorrow's DOOL

- Gabi and Carrie try to reassure upset Will, who is at the townhouse to apologize on Sami's behalf to John and Marlena. Marlena understands
she is worried and her anger was about something that happened in the past. Will wonders if he should stay out of it. John drawls he does not have to make it right. Marlena insists they will come through. They need only focus on finding Johnny. Crying Will asks John if he thinks they will find him alive. John drawls he only looks at facts and he believes he will be fine. He has to believe it. John praises Will for being so strong. Will decides to go home to Sami. Marlena loves him and reminds him to call if he needs anything. Will intends to stay in touch and exits with Gabi. John now notices Carrie has something on her mind. She replies she is thinking of his case, but her face is very preoccupied. She intends to minimize the damage for John as a client, which was why she went to the D.A. John wonders what she has done. What happened when she met with the illustrious D.A. ...?

- At the loft, Sami is impatient that there have not been any DNA results. She complains to Hope about what John did, then stops when Rafe
enters the room. He is uncomfortable. He quietly thanks Hope for her help. She will call when she hears anything and takes her leave. Rafe sits beside Sami and asks her to eat. She stares ahead but does not answer. He starts to eat the sandwich so it does not go to waste, then slams it down and exclaims he too is afraid. They need to stay strong for Johnny. Sami screams eating that sandwich will not make the difference between that being Johnny's shirt or not. It is his fault they went to the pub. She screams all they have is a bloodied t-shirt. Rafe is sorry. She demands to know if he is sorry it happened or sorry he made them go to the pub. He asks if it makes a difference. Sami points out they should have kept far away from John and his bulletproof vest. They could have all been killed. She screams like an animal as Will and Gabi enter. Will rushes forward and tells her to stop. It is not Rafe's fault. They should focus on Johnny. Sami laments she should have trusted her instincts and not gone to the unsafe pub. They should have known better! Will disagrees with pointing the finger at Rafe. Rafe appreciates his defending him, but Sami is right. He pushed for them to go to the pub.

- At the loft, Will explains to Rafe they do not blame him. Sami cries she does not want to blame Rafe. He emotionally states that he would do anything to get the boy back, as family means everything to him. If only he had known ...Sami goes back to screaming he should have known it was a bad idea to go there and now they might never see Johnny again!
- At DiMera mansion. EJ accuses Stefano of acting as if his son is a replaceable object. Stefano snaps he loves that boy more than his life
and that boy loves his nano! It is his worst nightmare that he could be in danger. He unhappily reminds EJ he has already lost a son. EJ realizes
he is referring to Tony. At least Tony had a chance to lead his own life. Johnny's life was just beginning. EJ yearns to hold him in his arms one more time. Stefano hugs his head and understands. But he does not want him to lie down and surrender to bastards like John Black. EJ is flabbergasted. Stefano announces they will get John and whoever else is responsible. If anyone touches a hair on Johnny's head, they will regret the day they crossed the DiMera family!

- Back at the loft, Gabi hugs Rafe. She and Will are going to meet up with Chad and Sonny to search together. Will promises to check in later, hugs Rafe, and departs. Sami sits alone, staring into space. Rafe closes the door and sits opposite her, at a loss. He suggests they talk. Sami stands up, sits down on the sofa, and turns on the TV in time to hear the temperature is dropping so it will be a cold day. No a good day to be outdoors ...