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Tomorrow's DOOL

Play by play of tomorrow's DOOL

- Replay of Bo and Hope warning Sami of the TV report on the body
of a boy found in neighboring Brookville. Sami shakes her head and cries it is not him, it simply cannot be so. Rafe consoles her. She yells at them to stop looking at her like that. She screams it is not him. Bo assures her there is no indication it is Johnny. Sami wants to go just in case. She cries she cannot lose him and Rafe puts his arms around her. They give Sami a glass of water as she sits on the sofa, having been calmed somewhat. Will enters and cries, asking if it is Johnny. Bo explains they do not have a positive ID. Upset Sami insists it is not her Johnny and tells Rafe to go down there just to be sure. He does not wish to leave her alone but she asks him to go for her. Bo and Hope hug her and depart. Rafe reminds her he loves her and follows them out. Sami cries and embraces Will. He wants her to eat and offers to order her pasta. She thinks that is a good idea. He steps away to put in the order online. Alone in the room, Sami notices it is past 7 p.m. She sits and picks up a family photo of her and Johnny. Still crying, she walks around and drops it. She grabs her keys, numbly walking out the door. Will returns and sees that she has gone.

- In Brookville, Rafe informs Bo and Hope that the body he saw was not Johnny. They are relieved. He immediately calls the loft to give Sami the news. Will answers and sniffles. Sami is not there and he knows not where she is. He cries he wanted to get her dinner, then sobs the TV said it was his brother. Rafe insists it was not him. He suddenly worries what Sami will do, given she is out there and might believe Johnny is dead ...

- Will and Ally are with Rafe, who asks Ally if she can help find Johnny. He would like to know his favorite hiding places, cos he knows he is
very good at hide and seek. Ally is happy to oblige. His fave hiding
places include mommy's closet and under the cash register at grandma's pub. Rafe thinks they should have another look, in case the lad doubled back. Will and Rafe soon enter the pub and start to call out his name. Johnny crawls out from under a table, safe and sound!